Logistical support

Providing your feet-on-the-street in your EU market

From time to time your business might need a bit of on-the-ground support within your target EU market. That could cover any number of things – organising an event, finding you premises, market research, identifying the right partners, finding a warehouse or a hosting provider, getting tax advice, setting up a company.

Your European Office is on hand to help you with these ad hoc (or maybe longer term) projects. We have built a network of partners and service providers in EU countries. We don’t guarantee we’ll have the answer first time, every time – but we probably know someone who does. We do guarantee that we will listen to what you need, work out what we can do for you ourselves or which partners are best placed to help. We’ll always try and save you time, money and frayed nerves and help you avoid the pitfalls.

If you have a project that needs some scoping or an ongoing need you could do worse than getting in contact to see where we might be able to help you out.